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Jugalbandi Stack

  1. API (Beta version): Allows you to upload documents and have a question and answer pipeline to your documents that can be used by developers and organisations to integrate in websites or messaging apps.

  2. SDK (partly implemented): A pip-installable python package that allows you to write custom logic and utilises API's to query your documents.

  3. Telegram Bot Accelerator: A generic telegram bot builder is available which can be run as a python file and seamlessly connects with your document hosted on to provide a Q&A voice2voice bot.

Deployment Package

Below is the link to the API, Sample UI and a video tutorial to quickly get you started querying on your document. 

  1. Swagger API: link

  2. Generic Web UI: link

  3. Generic Telegram bot: link

  4. Jugalbandi API: link

How to build?

There are three steps to achieving conversation in Indian language over a document source:

  1. Creating unique document ID: Using Swagger UI, you can upload the document as shown in the video

  2. Endpoint Selection: You can chose endpoint best suited for your need and integrate in application.

  3. UI Selection: You can chose to use generic UI and telegram bot code to build your applications. 

User Case Studies

Building with Jugalbandi allows you to accelerate your product development. Multiple organisations are using it at various stages. Here's a collection of case studies to inspire your Jugalbandi.


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