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Jugalbandi API

Powering conversational AI solutions for every Indian

Quick Start Guide

The world of ChatGPT has excited a lot of people. While it is great for general question and answer, when it needs to be used in Law and Justice there are two problems that we need to find a solution for:

  1. Hallucination: When ChatGPT models rely on their parametric knowledge they sometimes produce erroneous responses. This can be limited by carefully prompting the large language models to only operate on the data that you want it to read and reason on. You also want to see the source text that it is reading to answer a question to see if it is not reading a relevant portion or producing undesirable results.

  2. Data Preparation: Often organisations don't have either the bandwidth or expertise in building data pipelines to feed to build applications.

Jugalbandi, a collaborative initiative by OpenNyAI, Microsoft, EkStep, AI4Bharat, our mission is to reduce the barriers to using Large Language Models for Justice solutions. We are building a suite of tools that will allow makers from diverse backgrounds to "make justice".

  1. API (Alpha version): Allows you to upload documents and have a question and answer pipeline to your documents that can be used by developers and organisations to integrate in websites or messaging apps.

  2. SDK (Not implemented): A pip-installable python package that allows you to write custom logic and utilises API's to query your documents.

  3. Accelerators (Not implemented): You are probably an organisation that wants to deliver some information to end users either through messaging apps or websites. Free templates to build a telegram bot or a webfrontend to do rapid prototyping.


Below is the link to the API, Sample UI and a video tutorial to quickly get you started querying on your document. 


  2. Sample UI: Available on request (link)

  3. Tutorial: Below is a video walkthrough of how to use Jugalbandi

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