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Live Applications

How the Jugalbandi platform is being used for high impact applications in different domains

Jugalbandi Chatbot for Government Schemes

Jugalbandi whatsapp and telegram bots that help citizens understand their rights and the application process for over 50 government schemes

Salt Factory Worker

JIVA (Judges Intelligent Virtual Assistant)

JIVA is currently being developed to assist judges in quickly identifying through voice or text conversations the laws and sections relevant to their everyday needs

Reviewing Legal Agreement

JAGRIT (Justice Access for Grievance Redressal using Intelligent Technology)

JAGRIT is currently being developed to assist ordinary citizens in their grievance redressal needs through the e-SEVA Kendras 

Woman in a Field

JAMINI (Jugalbandi Assistant for Mediation and Negotiation)

JAMINI is currently being developed to assist mediation and negotiation processes in and outside the formal system

Business Consultation
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