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About Jugalbandi

Jugalbandi is a free and open platform that combines the power of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT and Indian language translation models such as those under the Government of India's Bhashini mission to power conversational AI solutions in any domain.

Multiple studies have shown that a major barrier to thriving in Indian society is effective literacy, awareness of rights and benefits and access to technology. This barrier has been notoriously hard to overcome because India speaks many languages (and even more dialects) and many Indians are far more comfortable speaking and listening than they are writing and reading. For these reasons a large number of government schemes, rights and entitlements, do not reach the last mile. With the advent of large language models and voice-to-voice translation models we are on the cusp of a breakthrough that could empower millions of citizens in a wide variety of domains - justice, education and health. Jugalbandi is a mission to create an open and collaborative approach that harnesses the power of these models to help India take a giant leap towards the thriving of all of its citizens.

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vivek raghavan.png

Vivek Raghavan

Co-Founder, Sarvam


Pratyush Kumar

Co-founder, AI for Bharat and Sarvam


Smita Gupta

Curator, OpenNyAI


Prathamesh Kalamkar

Data Scientist, Thoughtworks


Saurabh Karn

Founder, Samta

sachin .jpeg

Sachin Malhan

Co-Founder, Agami

Sameer Segal - Headshot.jpg

Sameer Segal

Principal Research SDE, Microsoft Research


Aman Tiwari

Data Scientist, Thoughtworks

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