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Powering conversational AI solutions for every Indian

Jugalbandi is a free and open platform that combines the power of ChatGPT and Indian language translation models under the Bhashini mission to power conversational AI solutions in any domain.

Satya Nadella speaks about Jugalbandi at WEF Davos 2023


High quality conversational AI in over 50 Indian languages can enable all kinds of solutions by cutting through language and interaction barriers


Government Schemes

Jugalbandi is already powering a whatsapp chatbot that allows anybody to ask questions about 50 government schemes in 7 Indian languages. 

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Law and Justice

Jugalbandi can power whatsapp chatbots and apps that can democratize access to legal information



Jugalbandi can power whatsapp chatbots and apps that can bring quality healthcare to citizens



Using Jugalbandi

We help partners solve large and important problems through Jugalbandi 

Jugalbandi API

The Jugalbandi API is freely accessible and maintained by the core team

Grassroots Network

Jugalbandi has a robust network of grassroots partners through its core collaborator group

Technology Support

The Jugalbandi team will work with you to deploy the solution to your suite of offerings

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